Sunday, August 19, 2007

Homeward Bound

On Thursday, I missed my flight from Denver to Montrose (just south of Delta), and ended up catching a plane to Aspen, which is a little under 2 hours from Delta. My wife came and picked me up, and we stayed the night at the Redstone Inn. We could have made it home, but hey, why not! A nice relaxing evening was followed by an early morning trip over McClure pass to get home in time to start work. We had the top down (windows up & heat on full) as we drove through the crisp early morning air, and were treated to this view of the sun making its final push to start another day in Delta. Zoom in, and notice the fog that blanketed the valley that morning.


Annie said...

You lucky two. Those mountains are gorgeous, as is the valley, and the sun and mist.

Anonymous said...

So beautifull mountains, thanks for sharing them. And thanks for Him who has made them. Maikki from Finland (mother of 3 children)