Sunday, September 03, 2006

Waiting For The Train

We tend to live a life that is comprised of rushing around. We build bypasses around cities and we widen freeways. We build drive up banks, restaurants, and liquor stores. Our mail is delivered in seconds and our messages are instant. We pace in front of microwave ovens……. It has not always been that way. Once the train ruled, and you would wait for the train. For now anyway, that is the way it is in Delta. There is talk of changing that, but I wonder if that is really progress. Sometimes, stopping the car to wait for a train allows your body to catch up with your brain. Who knows, you might even notice something you never saw before. I always take a left at this turn, and seldom have the time to look to the right. I am not really sure what is there……..

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Meg Nakagawa said...

Nice self-portrait.